I Saw the Children Gather

50 Years of Summer at Harand Camp

Preview the Harand magic at work


A feature-length documentary film about a unique, theater arts camp and their 50 years of transforming the lives of children; building confidence and self-esteem through education in musical theater and the great American songbook.

A brief history of Harand

A brief history of Harand

A brief history of Harand

A brief history of Harand

About the Filmmaker

About the Filmmaker

About the Filmmaker

About the Filmmaker

What is the film about?

What is the film about?

What is the film about?

What is the film about?


Just who are Sulie and Pearl Harand?

Sulie and Pearl Harand were two exceptionally talented sisters and They were well known Chicago entertainers. 


"These women's hearts are so big;

so much love

just Radiates from them"


Jeremy Piven



"Sulie and Pearl were marvelous teachers.

They reallyunderstood child psychology,

they were great musicians, and they taught with a lot of love and creativity.

The interesting thing to me is that no one

has ever appreciated what they've done"


Lois Weisberg


Chicago Department for Cultural Affairs


I attended Harand Camp back in the mid-1960's

and the experience of that place has stayed with me my entire life. It has been so hard to articulate in words because more than anything Harand Camp is a feeling.


I attended a 50th year reunion where I saw hundreds of people just like me, of all ages, 20's through 60's, who still loved camp and what it meant in their lives, and thought "what an interesting subject for a documentary".


Some of my reasons for doing this film:


I wanted to capture an oral history of the legacy of Harand Camp.

Like so many great institutions there comes a time to preserve what was great about it for posterity. Sadly, 3 of the 4 founding family members of the camp are now deceased. Only Sulie remains. And Sulie is still an amazing teacher and performer and a compelling figure that children can and should learn from. She is of another era; a different generation, a style of performing that few people can really teach today and that is sadly disappearing from our culture.   more...

Harand Camp has had a significant influence on thousands of lives.

Harand was significant in my development and I know it has been for thousands of others. This year alone, there were children who came to camp to escape their world at home. For those few weeks, they gain something they don't get anywhere else in their lives and it lasts them not only throughout the year, but for the rest of their lives.


It demonstrates the teaching model that has been successful for 50 years.

There are all sorts of new ideas about education. Our society and our school systems are continually searching for the best way to reach our young people. Harand Camp is able to reach children that others fail to reach. How do they do it? How can they take children with no theatrical training whatsoever and put them on a stage; have them singing, dancing and learning over 100 songs in less than 3 weeks? It's a miracle to see. It's also a miracle to see the pride in a child's face after this achievement. more...



Forest Tucker visits Harand Camp in 1966